Winter survey – how’s business for you?

Winter survey – can you spare 10 minutes?

We’re doing a quick bit of research to help us understand more about the industry’s views on business in the winter period, particularly the months January to March.

Why?  Well because the Edinburgh 2020 Tourism Strategy has “Extending the Season” as a strategic priority, with a specific focus on January – March.    In fact one of the three core objectives of the strategy is to achieve 50% of  additional annual growth during those months.

With that in mind, we’re really keen to hear from businesses across the city to help inform us about things like what types of businesses need more visitors, and when, what types of visitors are coming to the city in the winter period, and to help us gather a clearer picture of what the city offers visitors at that time of year.

We would therefore really appreciate 10 minutes of your time to complete the following survey and give your insights.  The results will help inform our planning for Winter 2019 which could involve a collaborative marketing campaign or product development initiatives.  More on that soon… in the meantime here’s the survey link:

We’re not hanging around – the deadline for completion is Friday 1st December – why wait, it’ll take less than 10 mins to complete!! 

Please contact with any queries or comments.