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VisitScotland advice & resources

Scotland’s national tourism organization has perhaps one of the world’s most robust, holistic strategies toward decarbonisation and responsible travel. They recognise that Scotland’s environment, society and culture are what sets us apart as a destination – they’re what makes a visit here (and likewise to Edinburgh) so special.

It is a key partner in delivering Scotland Outlook 2030 and the STERG  National Action Plan which commits to many destination management efforts that place the local quality of life, the quality of experiences, and natural environment at the centre of tourism’s success.  So not surprisingly, VisitScotland is doing a lot in driving Responsible Tourism:

VisitScotland was the first NTO to sign up to the Tourism Declares pledge and is leading from the front with their Responsible Tourism Plan.

The Responsible Tourism section of their trade website is jam packed with information, advice, a great webinar etc. and they have interesting sections on Climate Change and Destination NetZero. That section will develop further.

The VisitScotland Sustainability Policy sets the standards for the organisation.

Details and a useful list of their internal and industry actions are outlined in their Responsible Tourism Plan.

Create and manage your own Climate Action Plan with this practical guide from VisitScotland.

Sustainable Tourism fact sheets are detailed and practical on 11 subjects such as Energy Monitoring, Saving Water/Saving Money, Reducing/Recycling.

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