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Quick Wins and Top Tips

  • Use refillable soap and shampoo dispensers and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Install LED lighting where possible
  • Partner with third sector organisations to donate old bedding, towels, uniforms, furniture so they can be reused or repurposed – locally where possible
  • Donate your computer and IT equipment to the Edinburgh Remakery charity in Leith Walk
  • Repair/refurbish furniture and where items do need to be replaced, buy pre-used items instead of new
  • Remove single use plastic products such as cups, straws and plastic bottles – and other single use products such as wipes where possible
  • Encourage guests to have rooms cleaned/towels changed less often 
  • Use local suppliers where possible
  • Reduce your food waste and save money:  See Zero Waste Scotland’s Ultimate guide to reducing food waste here
  • Do you have signage around the place? For example ‘switch off’ and ‘what can be recycled’ notices?
  • Check energy/water/fuel consumption in your business at least monthly (either from a smart meter or physical checks)
  • Use aerated shower heads/taps
  • Are most of your toilets dual flush?
  • Reduce your use of chemicals (maybe through microfibre cloths or natural products)
  • Recycle cardboard, paper, glass and encourage your suppliers to reuse containers.

For more hints and tips, check out the Green Tourism Business website and take their online quiz.

Top Tips to lower your carbon footprint 

The Edinburgh climate compact is a commitment made by businesses and organisations in Edinburgh to take action to help significantly reduce the city’s carbon emissions and contribute to a green recovery.  It outlines clear action areas for businesses to focus on and commit to and provides a network of support for members. 

Measuring and reporting on your emissions creates a baseline to work from and helps provide stakeholders and customers with an update on progress.

  • Set and commit to a target

Committing to a target will help drive and deliver change and show your commitment to stakeholders. 

  • Reduce emissions

Focus on looking at areas to reduce your emissions first. These are emissions that are directly related to the business. 

  • Work with your supply chain

See if you can help your supply chain reduce their emissions as this will help reduce the businesses’ overall carbon footprint.