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Organisations that can help

There are a host of organisations offering help. Here are some of the major ones:

Zero Waste Scotland

Free sustainability advice for business.

They have two main themes for business support: Resource efficiency and Circular economy, funded by the Scottish Government.   They also manage the SME Loan Scheme

  • Energy Efficiency: Their  Energy Efficiency Business Support Service offers businesses free support to reduce energy costs by an average of 24%. They can provide specialist and independent advice, for free. Their package of support includes training, funding, tailored advice and specific tools, delivered through a variety of channels: online, on-site or over the phone. Practical online tools such as the Savings Finder can help business identify ways to reduce costs, whilst one-to-one telephone support or a site visit from an Energy Efficiency Advisor can really help make the most out of resources. Free online training such as Green Champions enables the business to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their desk.

    The Resource Efficiency Pledge is  a nationwide initiative which recognises, supports and promotes businesses that are committed to sustainable growth, is another great way to access their support and gain official recognition for putting resource efficiency measures into practice.  

    The website offers a wealth of tools, resources and case studies about supported organisations. 

  • SME Loan scheme:  Scottish Government funding to help you pay for your energy efficiency projects.  An SME loan can be used to finance the installation of energy efficient systems, equipment or building fabric.
  • Cashback grant – If you are an SME and installing eligible equipment, you could receive a cashback grant of up to £20,000 for your business.   

    Read how this worked for the Ardlui Hotel.   After energy efficiency advice from ZWS and the benefit of a Scottish Government interest-free SME Loan (payback period of just over four years) it was a no-brainer for the two brothers who implemented all the suggested changes, reducing carbon emissions by 39%.

Energy Savings Trust (EST)

EST supports businesses of all sizes, enabling them to play their part in building a sustainable, energy efficient future.   They provide insight, advice, training and consultancy services to businesses on low carbon transport, energy efficiency, and renewable energy generation.

Transport is a focus for EST and they operate the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Support Fund. The LEZ for Edinburgh will be introduced in 2022 and EST is offering micro businesses and sole traders, with an operating site within 20km of the low emission zones, a £2,500 grant towards the safe disposal of non-compliant vehicles.  This is available to businesses with nine or fewer full-time employees and sole traders who take a non-compliant vehicle to be scrapped at a Scottish authorised treatment facility. 

Details here: Low Emission Zone Support Fund for businesses – Energy Saving Trust

A different example of how EST has worked in tourism transport – by supporting an electric taxi is detailed here

Edinburgh Chamber – Circular Edinburgh project, funded by Zero Waste Scotland