Responsible Tourism

We all know that tackling climate change is the greatest challenge of our age and is essential for safeguarding the health and wellbeing of current and future generations, as well as the sustainable prosperity of Edinburgh as a whole.   

It is also a challenge that is increasingly driving consumer behaviours and buying decisions. Terms like ‘ Sustainable Tourism’ and ‘Responsible Tourism’ are more and more a part of our everyday language, and indeed it forms a key part of the Edinburgh Tourism 2030 Strategy.  

So what does it all mean? Why and how can you play your part in all of this?

Simply put, by being a climate responsible operator you can:

  • Win new customers
  • Attract the best employees
  • Create real competitive edge
  • Improve the financial sustainability of your business

But what does being a ‘responsible operator’ actually mean?  Well, it can take many forms – changes to your normal practice on the areas listed below all form part of the actions you can take:

  • Energy, water, and waste management
  • Wildlife/ natural habitat enhancement (yes, even in the city!)
  • Transport & travel policies
  • Procurement & supply chain management
  • Promotion of local products and culture
  • Community engagement
  • Supporting charities and social enterprises
  • Ethical and Fair Work practices

It looks like a lot, and it is.  But – and here’s the good news… you’re not on your own.  Below we have pulled together some resources to help you understand what sort of support is out there for businesses looking to address some of these areas. We have also pulled together some top tips and case studies to help inspire you. 

In this Section

Image looking down the cobbles of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, towards the Firth of Forth.

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