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Upgrading or Planning a New Website?

To kick off January 2015 we ran a workshop to support you in the upgrading or planning of a new web-site.

Our top 5 tips for your website include:

  1. Know who your customers are and design all aspects of the site for them.
  2. When you know your customers you can better plan Search Engine Optimisation – you should consider what they call your product or service.
  3. You can design the structure of your website and naming of navigation to suit your customer’s needs – the familiar and easy to follow terminology will make it simpler for them to navigate your website quickly.
  4. Use images that match your customers aspirations and requirements of a product or service. It could just mean telling them in a picture that you offer cosy and relaxing self catering accommodation!
  5. Use free tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to understand how/if people interact with your website.

Cosy Feet in Socks by Fire

Download the slides for a reminder or refresher of your digital skills – Upgrading or planning of a new web-site.

If you have any questions please do contact us at @ETAG_UK – always happy to answer your #techtourism questions.