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Measuring Return on Investment – Analytics

Download ETAG Analytics Workshop - Return on Investment (PDF)

ETAG Analytics Workshop - Return on Investment

After a very successful and collaborative session, ETAG members created a basic reporting template looking at:

  • Volume
  • Engagement, and
  • Conversion

Across their web-sites, social media and actual end sales (whether that be on or off-line sales). Conversion can be many things, actual £ sales, newsletter sign-ups or even the end goal of watching a video.

As we developed our template a number of questions arose:

1. Using Google Analytics – How do we filter sessions (total visitors) from users (unique visitors)? You can use the secondary dimension option shown below, secondary dimension is shown at the top of the actual data summary and the first dimension is often Users.

Secondary Dimensions in Google Analytics

2. How does Google know your user session is over if you leave the tab open on your browser? Generally, after 30 minutes of inactivity the session is deemed to be over – further information about session duration is available on the Google Analytics support site.

3. Not so much a question, more that we ran out of time to cover Google Plus Analytics so please go to your Google Plus Business Page and scroll down, you should see your analytics, a short sample is shown below:

Insights from Google Plus

4. We talked about conversion but not everyone sells online, please enjoy this video about goals from Google Analytics (the first two minutes are ecommerce focussed but keep watching or jump ahead!).

5. What can we use to measure Instagram? Look no further than Curalate.com or Iconosquare.com

Some useful tools you might want to consider using to plan and measure activity include:

  • Google Webmaster Tools – does your site have broken links? What other web pages link to yours?
  • Google Trends – okay so we know people ‘google’ our product, but when? What month?
  • Copyscape – has someone copied or content?
  • Google URL Builder – this allows you to track traffic to a specific page under campaigns.
  • Tweetreach – allows you to measure the reach of a Hashtag #Techtourism!

Thank you all for your great input! Feedback very welcome @ETAG_UK?