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Creating Compelling Visual Content – How to!

Two things can’t be forced; productivity and creativity.

Getting out of the office, away from phone calls, emails and meetings with the boss, is a good a start to creativity though! 

The recent ETAG Visual Content Masterclass helped facilitate its attendees becoming both productive and creative. As well as the office, we also got out of the classroom!

shooting video with a smart phone

While most businesses recognise it’s important to have a presence on social networks, many businesses seem to miss the key component of social media, namely media!

The Visual Masterclass was all about how to create visual content – media – that we can use on our social networks to engage, inspire, motivate and excite our customers.Do remember step 1 to creating remarkable content – Know your customers (covered in our Digital Strategy workshops). You can visit Hubspot’s blog on customer personas for a quick refresher.

We started off by examining what, exactly, makes “great visual content”. Of course, there’s no definitive answer as the term is hugely subjective. So we thought about the visual content that’s inspired and excited us, and the sort of visual content that would inspire and excite our target markets. Then we looked at the science of visual content and how, literally, a picture paints a thousand words.

A big part of the session was about getting out onto the streets with our smart phones and tablets and using these devices to snap photos and shoot video. The attendees split into small groups and did just that (returning an hour or so later for a fantastic buffet lunch – a little motivation helps!). Using some of the mobile apps we’d installed earlier, namely Snapseed, Vine and Instagram, the group turned their snaps and video clips into the sort of visual content that will get the reaction they desire from their audiences on social networks.

Several of the attendees tweeted their handiwork using the hashtag #ETAG and benefited from a group critique. The key importance of composition was highlighted over and over, with the attendees growing in confidence as the session progressed. We also dabbled with Vine’s looping 6 second video format, and the ability to use 12 seconds of video content shot on our phones on Instagram.

Missed the Visual Masterclass? Some helpful hints and tip below – enjoy!

Need more ideas? Come to #Edcal our social media content slam!