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City of Literature Business Opportunity Guide

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ETAG City of Literature Guide

Photo: ©EUCL, Chris Scott
Photo: ©EUCL, Chris Scott

Edinburgh was the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature in recognition of  both our rich literary heritage, and today’s vibrant contemporary literary scene.

Many visitors to Edinburgh will have experienced the city before they even arrive through books, authors, tv and film adaptations. Whether you know it or not, you are, when in Edinburgh, a ‘literary tourist’.  The links are all around us in the buildings and fabric of the city, in our many and varied literary events, and, if you’re lucky, you may even spot our world famous authors in the street!

But do you know enough about our literary scene (old and new) to make most of this opportunity?  Would you be able to tell your visitors about it?  Have you ever thought about working with partners to create literary based tourism experiences? Well… here’s where we can help! Have a read of our literary tourism information which have been loving prepared for you by the City of Literature Trust and ETAG: