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2018 Edinburgh Chinese New Year Posters

Thank you for clicking the link to find out more about FREE posters to celebrate Chinese New Year at your business. The posters say “Edinburgh wishes you all the best in the Year of the Dog”. They also feature the QR codes for the official Edinburgh Weibo and WeChat accounts.

They are free to download and print below. They should be cut to square size and displayed with the point at the top (ie diamond-shaped, as pictured).

Like Christmas, there are no set rules about when the decorations go up, but we would suggest you put them up between the 12th and 15th February. However, for good luck in China, decorations must be up before midnight on Chinese New Year’s Eve (as it is believed that Chinese New Year decorations scare away monsters).

If you wish to print them in-house, use the RGB artwork below:



If you wish to print them professionally, use the CMYK artwork below: