What do the Travel Trade Need & Want

The Travel Trade deliver business from all corners of the globe. In order to do this, they have specific requirements to enable them to promote your business, Edinburgh and of course wider Scotland.

From your point of view as a supplier to the travel trade there are a number of things to note that the travel trade will require from you as a business to enable them to work with you and feature your product.

These are as follows:

  • Reason to visit, quality, consistent bookable products
  • Trade Rates – commissionable or net (individuals & groups)
  • Easy to book – pre bookable, booking systems, online booking, freesale, allocation, quick enquiry turnaround
  • Clear and easy to understand collateral “cut and paste” copy
  • Timely advanced information on product, rates, terms (remember the long sales cycle)
  • Reasonable cancellation and payment terms and conditions
  • Contracts, potentially a tour operator will require a contract to be signed  
  • Be fully covered with relevant insurances, and licences 
  • Trust, build valuable relationships

From the delivery point of view key things to consider include:
– Understanding different markets and cultural needs
– High levels of customer service
– Helpful reservations staff
– Easy and fast communications
– Consistent pricing policies
– Easy to understand payment
– Cancellation terms & conditions.

**Remember we are competing with the rest of the world!