Forever Edinburgh Content Hub

Welcome to our industry content hub of free-to-use digital assets.

We know that Forever Edinburgh has to work for many different organisations. So, we want you to have flexibility in how the elements are applied – with multiple logos and colours available.

We’ve created some guidelines to capture this diverse offering – our updated “Playbook” aims to help you understand the spirit of how and why the assets were created and how you can use them best.


Over Summer 2021, the content focus will be on six themes. You are invited to share your stories around the themes of:

  • Folklore and Myth
  • Spirits of the Past and Present
  • Shores and Waters
  • Fame and Fortune
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Entertaining Edinburgh

~ LOGO ~

There are different versions of the logo: horizontal and a circle format.

The “hero” colour for Forever Edinburgh is dark orange

Download the version(s) that work best for your business and post with #ForeverEdinburgh to share the story of our amazing city.


You can use Forever Edinburgh with your own images, which capture a unique and personal perspective of Edinburgh.

Photography should be used to inspire and to excite. Try to showcase the undiscovered Edinburgh; the hidden gems; the places and the memories that are close to people’s heart.

When selecting or shooting images, try to look for an unusual view of the object and create a slightly unconventional image. This will add intrigue and aligns with the different take and energetic essence of the Forever Edinburgh brand.

We suggest that photography should be natural and unstaged, but always capturing a moment in time. We need to inspire people, and to do that we need inspiring imagery that grabs people’s attention. Images need to be striking and thumb stopping – and clearly identifiable as Edinburgh!

In addition to your own photography, you can also make use of images from free sources such as VisitScotland.

If you’re doing it yourself, tools such as Canva can help you pull together photos, logos and text to create great looking graphics – check out How To Create Simple Graphics with Canva


Use our pre-prepared images in your social media posts


Download our Forever Edinburgh Story Never Ends videos or share from Youtube – look out for more (themed) videos to come.

TOP TIP – to download a video, click the ‘Download’ button. When the video opens, click the three dots in the bottom-right corner and and select “Download”…


Shores & Waterways – Long Version
Shores & Waterways – Cutdown Version (12 seconds)


Outdoor Adventures Long Version
Outdoor Adventures Short Version (13 seconds)


Folklore & Myths Long Version
Folklore & Myths Cutdown Version (12 seconds)