Developing Edinburgh’s Next Tourism Strategy – Phase 1

Phase 1: Research & Evidence Gathering

A Research and Evidence Gathering Short Life Working Group has been established to deliver Phase 1 between October 2018 and February 2019.  The Working Group is tasked specifically with delivering the initial research, evidence gathering, analysis and interpretation phase of the Ed2030 strategy development.

The aim is to ensure that the process of developing the new strategy is based on robust research and evidence, which will inform the future industry and stakeholder consultations and the development of the strategic priorities for the city up to 2030.

The core objectives are to ensure that the new tourism strategy:

  • Is evidence based and market-led
  • Informed by international benchmarking
  • Takes account of future tourism trends
  • Takes account of broader economic and trading conditions
  • Takes account of changes in existing and/or new relevant policies or legislation
  • Considers the ongoing data requirements/opportunities for the sector, aligning with the City Region Deal Data Driven Innovation Programme


  • Carry out a desk-based audit identifying and sourcing all existing relevant research
  • Identify any current and/or planned relevant research and the opportunity for synergy with the strategy development process
  • Identify the gaps in data and intelligence
  • Align with the Data Driven Innovation programme to articulate a tourism data proposition for the city going forward
  • Source existing relevant benchmarking research
  • Source relevant tourism trends data and research
  • Support process of commissioning external consultancy support specifically to analyse and interpret the evidence gathered including reviewing and agreeing preferred supplier
  • Work with the supplier to feedback the findings/implications of the research to relevant audiences including SIG, CEC and to industry at ETAG Conference on 31st January 2019
  • Inform the development process for Phases 2 & 3 of the strategy development process.

The Working Group will initially comprise representatives from:

  • City of Edinburgh Council
  • Data Driven Innovation Programme Team
  • ETAG
  • Marketing Edinburgh
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • VisitScotland

Other members may be invited or added by agreement and as appropriate.