ETAG Full Group

The ETAG Full Group is made up of representatives from the major stakeholders, agencies and industry groups who have a role in the delivery of tourism in Edinburgh.

Members of the Full Group contribute their time, knowledge and expertise on a voluntary basis to support the development of Edinburgh’s tourism sector.

The Group meets around 6 times a year to discuss the key challenges, opportunities and strategic issues for tourism in the city.

ETAG Full Group Members

  • Donald Emslie

    Chair, ETAG

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  • Richard Kington

    Vice chair, ETAG

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  • Ali Bowden

    Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust

  • Alice He

    Edinburgh China Ready

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  • Carina Svensen

    Edinburgh First

  • Elaine Green

    Capital Group

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  • Elin Williamson

    City of Edinburgh Council - Business Growth and Inclusion

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  • Fiona Campbell


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  • Graeme Ward

    Radical Travel Group

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  • Helen Ireland

    National Museums Scotland

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  • James McGregor

    Federation of Small Businesses

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  • James McVeigh

    Festivals Edinburgh

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  • Janet Archer

    University of Edinburgh - Festival, Cultural and City Events

  • Joanne Davidson

    Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

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  • Josh Ryan-Saha

    Data Driven Innovation - University of Edinburgh

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  • Lindsay Robertson

    City of Edinburgh Council - Culture and Leisure

  • Maggie McLeod

    Scottish Tourist Guide Association

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  • Marshall Dallas

    Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

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  • Neil Ellis

    Edinburgh Hotels Association

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  • Nick Finnigan

    Edinburgh Castle

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  • Nick Hotham

    Edinburgh World Heritage

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  • Paula Ward


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  • Pete Duncan

    Youth Travel Edinburgh

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  • Pete Williamson

    National Museums Scotland

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  • Rob Lang

    Edinburgh Airport

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  • Roddy Smith

    Essential Edinburgh

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  • City of Edinburgh Council

    City of Edinburgh Council - Economic Development