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Get China Ready in 2024!

A couple from China gazing up in the main gallery of the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
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 Size of Chinese Visitor Market – An Opportunity!
The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute estimates that 18 million Chinese tourists will travel internationally in the first half of the year, followed by 40 million in the second.

It’s worth noting that by 2019 VisitScotland were reporting that China was Scotland’s 5th largest international visitor market by number of visits, 4th largest by expenditure and 3rd largest by number of nights, with Edinburgh being the most popular destination. So with Chinese visitors looking set to make a welcome return to the city in 2024, now is the time to act!

Be Prepared for the Chinese Visitor Market with Unpack China Toolkit
Make sure you and your team fully understand the Chinese visitor market by making full use of the free info and extensive range of training videos available via Unpack China
This is a very simple, cost effective way to ensure that you provide a great China welcome and can inform and inspire you to create new, innovative products and services to build your business via this hugely valuable market. 

Become a China Ready Social Media Partner
For those looking to more proactively engage, you should consider signing up as a China Ready Social Media Partner.  
Driven by inspiring content about Edinburgh, Scotland and most importantly, the Campaign’s contributing partners, Edinburgh’s official Weibo, WeChat and RED accounts are independently ranked in the top five of destination accounts in the world and the most popular in Europe – and your business could be part of it! 

With the continued success of Edinburgh’s Chinese Social Media Campaign, we have ensured our campaign partners and our city remained at the forefront of the key China market, which has put Edinburgh in an exceptionally strong position in the tourism recovery from China. 


Registration for Edinburgh’s Chinese Social Media Year 8 Campaign is now open, but new partner opportunities are limited, so don’t miss out! 
For more information contact Alice He, ETAG China Ready Manager, ASAP!