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Practical recruitment advice from TalentScotland

Is your business struggling to recruit staff for roles such as chefs, hotel and accommodation, restaurant and bar managers, as well as more general managerial roles in finance, marketing, sales and HR? If so, then read on…

The staffing challenges faced by many parts of the economy are no secret, with the tourism and hospitality sector suffering more than most. What is less well known is the extensive changes that have been made to UK Immigration following Brexit. A new points-based immigration system is now in place, along with a lower general salary threshold of £25,600 (dependant on role) and an extended list of eligible occupations, which includes tourism and hospitality specific roles, as well as general managerial roles.

So if your business is struggling, it may be time to consider if this is an option for you? We can’t pretend that it’s an easy solution, as undoubtedly there’s more paperwork and additional costs, but the good news is that there is support available!

TalentScotland has an extensive range of webinars, tutorials and the opportunity to access 1:1 advice that can help you understand more about the immigration process, and decide if it’s the right solution for you. If it is, there is also advice and support to guide you through the process.