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Findings from the latest Scottish Tourism Index Survey

Key findings from the survey, run by 56 Degree Insight in partnership with the Scottish Tourism Alliance, were:

  • While nearly three quarters of Scots have been taking holidays in 2022, they are still taking fewer than pre-pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis is now really biting into consumer holiday intentions for 2023. 58% felt their holiday choices were still being impacted by the pandemic.
  • In 2022, the biggest impacts have been caused by rising costs of living – three quarters of Scots said this affected their holiday choices and decisions (74%), further driven up by rising fuel costs for 60% of Scots. The result – fewer holidays, if any in 2022 for some, and for those who did holiday, less spend on the trip.
  • More positively however, there is a latent desire amongst Scots to increase their holiday taking in 2023; 38% hope to take more holidays than this year, although 20% expect to take fewer, this is a potential net increase of +18%.
  • Tourism tax brings a clear division of opinion amongst Scots who would oppose its introduction (48%) versus those who would support it (44%). Support was highest among Edinburgh residents (57%).
  • Although 29% would be against paying anything at all, some 22% would be willing to pay up to £1 per night, 24% would pay £1-2 and 13% would pay more than £2, averaging out at just over £1 per night overall. However, this is lower than the levels currently being considered.
  • And if tourist taxes were in place throughout Scotland, 46% claim they would be more likely to consider other parts of the UK instead if such taxes were not in place there: only 9% would be more likely to consider Scotland

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