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‘Giraffe About Town’ – get involved!

Giraffe About Town (GAT), the latest project from Edinburgh Zoo, has hit the streets of Edinburgh.

Designed to celebrate Edinburgh’s extraordinary heritage and cultural diversity, 42 colourful giraffe sculptures have been placed in a range of locations across the city, from Edinburgh Zoo to Princes Street to Leith, forming a trail of discovery for residents and visitors. The herd are on display until Monday 29 August.

There are a range of ways you can get involved with this large-scale public art event and in doing so raise the profile of your own business to the GAT audiences. 

Get involved by:

  1. Engage on Social Media via #GiraffeAboutTown, particularly if you have a Giraffe Sculpture located near your business.

  2. Download the GAT Toolkit and make use of the creative assets to enhance your social and blog/website posts. The Toolkit includes images, sample copy, web banners and poster templates.
    Don’t forget to sign & return the permission form within the Engagement Pack.

  3. Take part in the GAT Themed Weeks (themes outlined below) where specific sculptures will take the spotlight across promotional activity, including the ‘Giraffe About Town’ newsletter.
    Could you run a themed competition or share an offer for trail-goers? If so, you could get featured in the GAT Newsletter and social activity. GAT Newsletter deadlines dates are listed below.

  4. Become a ‘Giraffe About Town’ ambassador by talking about the trail on your own channels and act as a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ by letting the team know if there’s been any damage to their nearest giraffe.

  5. Order a stock of ‘Giraffe About Town’ trail maps for your visitors and guests.

  6. Encourage visitors and guests to download the GAT App (£0.89) from the Giraffe About Town website.

  7. Order Giraffe About Town branded merchandise, including Coasters, Tea Towels, Magnets and Tote Bags, to sell at your business/property.

    * For more information, to order maps or place an order for merchandise, or to take part in the GAT Newsletter activity please email: Christine Moorhouse (cmoorhouse@rzss.org.uk) and Laura Paterson (lpaterson@rzss.org.uk).
Below is a list of the topics for the themed weeks and the deadlines for newsletters.
Please contact Monika Gopal (mgopal@rzss.org.uk) to express your interest in the GAT newsletters.

A Drop of Culture
Edinburgh at Night
Mapping the City
Tall Tales of Edinburgh
The Giraffe of the Water of Leith
The Streets of Edinburgh
Bamboozled because of Edinburgh Zoo
The Penguin Parade because of Edinburgh Zoo

Newsletter 1: Already live

Animals in the City!
Endangered Scotland
Head in the Clouds
Stand Tall for Giraffes
Skinny Malinky Long Legs
Honey because of bees

Newsletter 2 (animal themed sculptures) live date: Friday 29 July.
Business to express interest Friday 22 July, deadline for information Tuesday 26 July.

Bona Lisa
Cosie Bosie
Daz the Dazzling Giraffe
Gerry MacTartan
Puzzle Giraffe
Super Giraffe
Wildlife Warrior
Newsletter 3 (character themed sculptures) live date: Friday 5 August.
Business to express interest Friday 29 July, deadline for information Tuesday 2 August.

Double Deco
Kaleidoscope Giraffe
Paolozzi Pop
Straight on ’til Morning
Tammie Norie
You’re Having a Giraffe
Newsletter 4 (art & literature themed sculptures) live date: Friday 12 August.
Business to express interest Friday 5 August, deadline for information Tuesday 9 August.

Giraffe Botanica
Grown Locally
Keeping Native Biodiversity is a Tall Order
Leave Only Footprints
The Earth is What We All Have in Common

Newsletter 5 live date: Friday 26 August.
Business to express interest Friday 19 August, deadline for information Tuesday 23 August.

Find out more about the Giraffe About Town project at: https://www.giraffeabouttown.org.uk/art-trail/
Don’t forget to follow and take part on social with #GiraffeAboutTown.