Delivering Edinburgh 2020

The objectives of Edinburgh 2020 can only be achieved by the whole tourism sector working together.  With this in mind the Strategy Implementation Group (SIG) was created to provide a strong collective leadership structure which brings together senior stakeholders from across the tourism sector.  The role of the SIG is to oversee and support the successful delivery of the strategy. In addition to the SIG, there are a range of other groups which are developing activity to support individual strategic priorities and deliver specific projects.

The combined membership, influence and expertise of these groups provides a huge resource to support the continuing development of Edinburgh’s tourism sector and achieve the growth targets set out in the Edinburgh 2020 strategy. Progress towards the delivery of the strategy is monitored on an ongoing basis via the annual Performance Monitoring Report, the latest version can be viewed here

The Edinburgh 2020 Mid Term Review was published in September 2016 and can be found here.

The latest annual Performance Monitoring Report for the 2020 Strategy (carried out in 2018) can be viewed here.