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Edinburgh Chinese New Year 2018: FREE factsheet

Chinese New Year is the biggest and most significant of all the Chinese cultural holidays. But what does this mean for Edinburgh and your tourism business?

With the family focus, gifting traditions and decorative displays of the festive season; and the countdown celebrations and firework extravaganzas of New Year’s Eve – Chinese New Year is very similar to our own Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations, rolled in to one.

Find out more about the Year of the Dog – and why more and more China-focused destinations are rolling out the red carpet, red lanterns and red envelopes – in this free ETAG Edinburgh Chinese New Year 2018 Factsheet.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Official holiday dates
  • Outbound travel statistics over this period
  • Traditions and customs, including the “red envelope” phenomenon
  • Simple tips to help your customers celebrate Chinese New Year (and benefit from increased visitor numbers and associated spend)
  • A free official Chinese New Year decorative poster to download and print (available here)


We also highly recommend you watch the video below, from Dragon Trail Interactive and COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute. The video provides really helpful advice on Chinese New Year from a local’s perspective, with highly relevant insights from Chinese travellers looking to take overseas trips for the Spring Festival.

Happy viewing, happy reading, and we hope you are ready to wish your customers and guests a Happy New Year, or even better, “Xīn nián kuài lè”!