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Support from Scottish Enterprise

ETAG’s activities are primarily funded and supported by Scottish Enterprise as part of support that Scottish Enterprise offers to the Tourism sector. To find out more about how Scottish Enterprise supports and funds ETAG’s activity visit our About Us – Scottish Enterprise page.

As well as supporting ETAG’s activities Scottish Enterprise can offer your business further support in a number of areas:

  • Innovation support – check out the Big 5 innovation support and come along to a 1:1 Innovation Surgery with a Scottish Enterprise Innovation Adviser. They can help you to develop a new idea for your business, provide you with further information and support and connect you with other partner support. So if you have a new innovative idea for your business check out our events page for upcoming Scottish Enterprise Innovation Surgery Days.
  • Digital Tourism Scotland – ETAG and Digital Tourism Scotland (which is funded and supported by Scottish Enterprise) team up throughout the year to deliver the ETAG digital programme for you. Digital Tourism Scotland has recently launched a new website with loads of great resources to help you and your business – check out the new Digital Tourism Scotland website. If you are interested in attending digitally focussed events have a look at the ETAG events page.
  • Research Services – wanting to find out more about your industry – Scottish Enterprise has a great research service which can help you find out more – email them at research@scotent.co.uk. Scottish Enterprise also have online resources you can tap into and the ETAG Business Opportunity Guides which can be found on the ETAG website are funded and supported by Scottish Enterprise – check out the latest one on Business Events.

If you want some information have a look at the Scottish Enterprise Tourism webpage for case studies on what other businesses have done and how Scottish Enterprise has supported them and for further information on support for you.