Interested in Data? Have your data unlocked and explored in The Data Lab MSc Challenge! 

The Data Lab MSc Challenge Competition takes place over three weekends, where about 120 Data Science students form teams and compete to:

  1. Pose a pertinent ‘business’ question
  2. Analyse multiple datasets
  3. Produce something (start-up idea, visualisation, consultancy report).

The idea is for students to use their skills to solve real problems that will have a positive impact for Scotland and one of the themes is Tourism.

The data they are looking for needs to be something that could be used and the outcomes of the work shared. They can help prepare the data so that it is anonymised.

The first weekend is in November, but the teams don’t need the data then- they just need an idea of what the data is, an example dataset and possibly someone to briefly speak to the students about the possible business goals for use of that data.

If this is something that interests you and you think it could be great for your business get in touch with Joshua Ryan-Saha – the Skills Programme Manager at the Data Lab.