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#Blogmanay welcomes China!

#blogmany - Hogmany in Edinburgh
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Thank you to those of you who attended our digital marketing workshop for China. During the session we shared with you the opportunity to become more involved in #blogmanay and help reach potential new visitors in China.

#Blogmanay was conceived in 2012 as a means of using travel bloggers and a high-impact social media campaign to showcase the unique experience of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and using the festival as a gateway to explore and discover the delights of visiting Scotland, the ‘Home of Hogmanay’ in winter.

The objective was to generate a huge digital footprint and bank of on-line content promoting Scotland through blogs, reviews, videos, photographs and tweets, using a mix of established travel bloggers from around the world, Scotland’s tourism industry, residents and local ambassadors, international visitors and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay audiences.  It worked!  The campaign reached Over 18 million Twitter accounts Over 37,000 Facebook accounts.

After three successful campaigns the team behind #blogmany are looking to expand and take the award winning social media project to a new level. For the first time they are looking to target two new areas using Blogmanay as the driver to achieve results. One of these areas is China.

The #blogmany team will select and host a team of five influential bloggers and social media experts from China to experience Scotland in winter. The Blogmanay China group will produce quality digital content showcasing the very best of Scotland in winter on popular Chinese social media channels; resulting in Blogmanay and Scotland reaching new audiences, increasing engagement and social media acquisition for partners and businesses through bloggers influence/users.

Chinese social media channels which the bloggers will engage with include: 1) Weibo – For the month of September 2015, Sina Weibo boasted 167m monthly active users. Despite it being called China’s “Twitter clone” Weibo is a far friendlier platform for marketers, as brands can promote their events and online stores through video, live broadcast, and celebrity interviews, and 2) WeChat – in June 2014 WeChat had 438M active monthly users. With its seemingly endless suite of features including voice and group chat, video call, walkie-talkie, and people nearby, WeChat is a formidable force in the Chinese social networking space.

Working with the Scottish Government and ETAG the #blogmanay team will create individual itineraries for the Chinese bloggers and their partners which will offer an unbeatable world class Scottish New Year experience and showcase Scotland as a premier winter destination. Potentially there may be a Scottish Government representative from China who will help host the group and provide translation.

If you would like to contribute to the #blogmanay campaign and take advantge of the incredible exposure across all major digital platforms, please get in touch via email to discuss how the team can accomondate you and your business. Please contact, Leah Silverlock, Blogmanay Campaign Co-ordinator leah@unique-events.co.uk. They are waiting on your email! Enjoy #Blogmanay.