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Do we really need data analytics?

Insights from Google Plus

How often do you look at your business analytics?

  • Volume of traffic to your website?
  • Where did the traffic come from?
  • Who is your audience on Twitter, male or female (yes free analytics tells you this)

I read with great interest the blog Your Data is Speaking, are you Listening? The message is simple,

Great leaders, Successful business owners…

HEAR what the data is saying!

The blog reminded me when someone likened social media interaction to your business telephone ringing, and that you would never ignore a ringing phone.

So, if you listen to your data what do you hear?

  • TripAdvisor brings more traffic to your website than Google Adwords?
  • The majority of visitor time on your website is spent watching videos of your chef cooking?
  • No one ever makes it past the first page of your booking process (yikes!)?
  • All your efforts on social media never drives traffic to your website (we hope not)?

Time to start listening? We are of course on hand, two data analytics sessions coming up in November:

An Overview of analytics (with bacon butties)

A Practical Analytics Workshop (with cake – we aim to please)

We would love to hear about your experiences and questions regarding analytics – time yet to tailor the workshop content?