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Everyone needs a plan … Even Gangsters!

Well it struck me when I came across the The 21st Best Heist Movies of All Time, that we all, regardless of the morality of the outcome… need a plan!

The Oceans 11, 12 and 13 all started with grand plans which were then: a) researched, b) modified, c) researched again, d) resourced, e) elements tested and then f) put into practice. So I ask you now?

  1. Do you have a digital marketing plan (e.g. what are the goals)?
  2. Have you researched it?
  3. It is resourced?
  4. Have you tested any elements of it?
  5. Is it going well (how do you know? What analytics do you use)?


Still stuck? Even Brad and George doubted themselves (watch the video, 1.03 minutes exactly).

Thankfully our odds are much higher and less risky than theirs (phew).

At ETAG, we are using a simple methodology to research, resource and plan, allowing you to test and win with your marketing (I know it’s cheesy, win, gangsters, casinos etc, but you are still reading it right?!).

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

It is simple, we already know the customers we have or want. But have we really thought about their day to day interests? Have we thought about who we are as a business (not a brand wheel). As an actual brand persona? Using a set of very simple templates we can help you prioritise your customers, create a brand persona, plan search engine optimisation, source content and imagery style (honest!).

Our next digital marketing strategy workshops are in October. Places are limited. 

Bet we’ll see you there (could n’t help it!)