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Fun Videos to inspire you!

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There is a great range of fun short videos and webinars out there that can help you with your digital and technology challenges! This list comes from the Glasgow Digital Ambassadors programme list of recommended videos – check them out when you have a spare couple of minutes or when you are looking for a bit of inspiration and fun.

How Google search works, by Matt Cutts, Google

The Break Up, about the fraught relationship between an advertiser and a consumer! Great reminder to listen to our customers!

Google Analytics in real life – how Google analytics can help you identify where your customers are leaving your website

100 Years in Marketing, from the canvassing travelling salesman to the digital content marketer – hear the history of Marketing

Socialnomics by Erik Qualman showcasing the power and importance of social and mobile

Mobilenomics by Erik Qualman and Jamie Turner again showcasing the importance and power of mobile

Getting started with Google Analytics, webinar (45 minutes) on Google Analytics

Did you know, in 2028 . . . from The Centre Online – look into the future of digital