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Why you should attend our Social Media Content Slam #Edcal

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In February we ran a successful marketing event where we collaboratively planned future on and off-line marketing content.

So why should you come to our event in June?

  • Collectively we have a wider reach and as such a louder voice!
  • The February attendees have a collective reach on Twitter of over 500,000 followers.
  • Visitors to Edinburgh need accommodation, food, drink, laughter, education, directions, translation, clothes, gifts, art, movies, culture, relaxation and they need it quickly…!
  • They need to find ALL of you online fast!
  • It’s in another great venue – come have a sneak peek!
  • We have great food and drink! But that’s a given.
  • It is mid week in the evening – you asked us to schedule it then.
  • It’s a good chance to catch up.
  • We need to collaborate more.

Will we see you there? Get in touch @ETAG_UK looking forward to hearing from you!