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Some of our Favourite Social Media Marketing

There have been many funny, challenging and brave uses of social media marketing that has paid off for brands.  We thought we would share some of the more eggciting ones with you this Easter holiday weekend.

1. Let’s start with #ByeZayn (sniff). Supermarket brand Lidl cleverly news jacked the departure of Zayn from boy band One Direction – they knocked a ⅕th off the price of their One Direction Easter eggs. Now there’s a #LidlSurprise no one saw coming!

One Direction price cut as Zayn leaves 1D

At last count, this had earned them 22,000 retweets and 15,000 favourites!  A hashtag that I imagine reached millions of user accounts – where are you buying your One Direction Eggs?

2. Last year, Greggs, purveyors of all things yummy, took to social media to not only save, but enhance their reputation when an offensive version of their logo appeared on Google, “Hey @GoogleUK, fix it and they’re yours!!!

#fixgreggs hack

Google got on the case enjoying their donughts at HQ! “Sorry @GreggstheBakers, we’re on it. Throw in a sausage roll and we’ll get it done ASAP.

 Homer fixes Greggs from Google HQ

Let’s face it, Greggs sell cake so being social and humours is a good fit for their brand persona.

3. Finally, can you do the splits? Can you do the splits between two moving trucks? Well sit back and prepare to be impressed by our video as a 53 year old (at the time) Jean-Claude Van Dame performs the splits between two moving trucks in a breathtaking stunt to demonstrate precision engineering by Volvo.

In 2 years, Volvo Trucks’ Live Test films generated 100m+ YouTube views and, were shared across social media almost 8 million times. Their investment in the campaign generated a whopping 20,000 media reports worldwide.

A happy #EdiEaster folks.

P.S. I can still do the splits…no I am not showing you.