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ETAG #Techtourism Eclipses in 2015

The ETAG Technology Conference 2015 was a huge success so much so, the sun and moon eclipsed!  Yes ETAG, arranged conference to coincide with an eclipse of the sun! Well…

Solar Eclipse 2015 with Cathy Malone, ETAG

… Always a great event for networking we had 150 attendees who learned about Mobile Ticketing, Talking Posters and 3D Printing (amongst other topics).

Watch the Ultimaker video to get flavour of what is possible in 3D printing – fascinating.

Of course, many many thanks to our wonderful speakers including:

  • Digital Tourism Think Tank, Nick Hall
  • Industry Head of Hospitality, Google UK, Terri Scriven
  • Head of Digital Media, National Trust for Scotland, Colan Mehaffey
  • Client Services Director, Storm ID, Stewart Cruickshank
  • National Galleries Scotland, Tessa Quinn and Art Hunter
  • National Galleries Scotland, Damien McGlynn
  • Festivals Edinburgh, Andrew Coulton
  • Raddisson Blu, Lorna Macleod
  • Head of Marketing and Innovation, Festivals Edinburgh, James McVeigh
  • Chair of ETAG and Chief Executive of Rabbie’s Small Group Tours, Robin Worsnop
  • Edinburgh Napier University, Sam Forster
  • Spider Online, John Campbell
  • Neatebox, Gavin Nea
  • eeGeo, Jeremy Copp

We hope you enjoyed it?

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