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#EdCal – Read all About it!

Edcal Content Social Media Slam at the Apex International Hotel

Following our great success at #Edcal we are now sharing the monthly calendars. Follow the link to the completed monthly calendars and download away!

To date we have April – June (oh and October – thanks Sheena at Visit Scotland). More to follow, very soon.

November Calendar for #EdCal

A reminder:

Columns A to I are purely for inspiration, e.g.

  • Is there any synergy between these events, annual themes, food in season and your product/service?  Can you run an email campaign based on this, should you be updating your ‘digital shop windows’ to reflect seasons (spring, summer, festivals, competitions)?
  • Is there a conversation you can join on Twitter to increase your own reach? Is there a hashtag or should you create and promote a hashtag?
  • Is there a board you should have on Pinterest to reflect a current theme/trend/season/topic?
  • Can you collaborate with other businesses on the Calendar, or in the room to help them and you jointly promote your business?
  • Lastly, write your actions in the remaining columns (see the completed Calendars for examples, and yes, there is room for more).

Please also share your feedback (good or bad)? See you at the next #Edcal Content Slam??