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TV Advertising, #Hashtags and Social Media

Christmas Adverts – So which one is your favourite? 

It’s the very thing now – Christmas Adverts launched with catchy #hashtags to drive audiences to social media – getting us to drive engagement and do the advertising for them! Clever? We think so.

What about Monty the Penguin from John Lewis? He even has his own Twitter Profile (‪@MontyThePenguin) and hashtag ‪#MontyThePenguin. So far Monty has 34,000 followers on Twitter – not bad for one month! He even has an App!

Month the Penguin from John Lewis

Or, you could #followthefairies with Marks and Spencer’s? According to Tweetreach 50 of an estimated #followthefairies 1,500 tweets has already reached over 346,000 users Twitter Accounts!

The list goes on….Boots, #specialbecause, #lidlsurprises (a favourite I admit!), Waitrose #bakeitforward (now that’s clever!).

BUT…did any of them get the Queen’s Royal Corgis…? Well yes it seems the Royal Yacht Britannia did…Watch their excellent Christmas Video now (oh…. and don’t believe everything you read online…they might not be the actual Royal Corgis).

Royal Yacht Britannia