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Tweet Tweet Tweet… is anyone listening – use Twitter Analytics and Find Out!


Twitter launched in 2006 yet it has taken them until 2014 (August to be exact) to give us all a free analytics dashboard directly from within their platform – phew!

You can access information about your analytics from analytics.twitter.com/about. You just need to sign-in as you would normally to access your Twitter account.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

You will learn about the most common interests of your followers and how many times (impressions) your tweet has been shown in someone’s twitter feed…so essentially you can find out if anyone is seeing you!

Better still you will get a general summary of engagement:

  • Did someone favourite your tweet?
  • Retweet your tweet?
  • Click on your link (assuming you shared one)?

The recent tweets section will display the last 90 tweets by default with a general engagement summary.

If you select the export data functionality from the top right hand corner you will get a spreadsheet with a vast amount of detail per tweet, including impressions, retweets, favourites and the time of day you posted the tweet. This allows you to start understanding what content engages your followers and when they prefer to hear from you!

As always we can rely on our friends at Hubspot to provide us with a good how to guide on using Twitter Analytics.

Remember, if you really want, you can always download an archive of ALL of your tweets.

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