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New Carrier Bag Regulation – How it Impacts You!!

You may not realise it but this new regulation could impact you!!!

We all utilize bags to help our customers and as part of our brand awareness – it is important to be aware of the new regulation and how it could effect you!!

New Regulation is Enforced from 20 October 2014

Who does this regulation applies to?

All sites that sell goods will be required to comply with the legislation, this includes visitor centres that sell gifts, sites with gift shops and others not seen as traditional retailers

– 1st requirement: To charge a minimum of 5p for new single use carrier bags (paper, plastic or plant based material)

– 2nd requirement: If 10 or more Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff are employed, to keep, retain and supply information on bags supplied and monies received as a result of the charge

Which bags are included in the regulations?

– Paper/plastic/starch based- included bio bags that have been supplied with the intention of use once

– If the bag is Plastic – made from thin plastic (no more than 49 microns) and less than 439mm x 404mm-excluding handles

– If the bag is Paper/Starch based- Single use UNLESS

Purchased by the customer

Returnable to the retailer/Replaced free of charge

Clearly Marked
When do you have an obligation to charge a customer for a bag?

Two situations require a chard to be made:

– Where a new bag is supplied, for the purpose of enabling goods sold to be taken away

– Where a new bag is supplied, for the purpose of enabling delivery of goods sold

The obligation refers to the supply of single use carrier bags. Where goods are supplied by a 3rd party the obligation to charge remains with the seller

What information needs to be recorded for businesses with over 10 Full Time Staff or Equivalent?

– Total number of SUCBs supplied

– Total income received for chargeable bags

– Amount received by way of the charge

– A breakdown of overheads incurred

– Net proceeds of the charge

1st reporting year starts on 20/10/14 and the 2nd on 7/4/15Information must be stored for a 3 year period, starting on 31 May following the end of the reporting year in question.
For more information have a look at Carrier Bag Charges Scotland and if you have any queries contact them enquiries@carrierbagchargescotland.org.uk