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How Digital can Work for You. You proved it!

Digital Return on Investment
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Edinburgh Tourism Action Group have been running Technology Workshops for almost 3 years now. We are keen to respond to your needs and ensure that we keep you up to date with the latest technology trends…but sometimes we ask ourselves… Are we doing the right thing?

Well thanks to Kirsty Hepburn at Heritage Portfolio, we think we might just be! Kirsty told us that…

“All of our digital marketing knowledge gained, and activity conducted, over the last two years has been as a direct result of attending the ETAG Technology workshops. Without them our digital presence beyond a website and a Facebook page would have been almost nil, the quality of the content and speakers and variety of courses has enabled us to extend our reach and has had a direct positive impact on the business, both in terms of sales, brand recognition and positioning in the market place.”

Kirsty, along with Olivia Morris, Historian turned Marketeer (we have that affect on people) were guest speakers at our event, How Digital Worked for Us. In response to your request for case studies, Kirsty and Olivia made the brave move to share their experiences with ETAG members. Both of them faced questioning from management teams about the risks of social media and what the return on investment would be.

In short, Mercat Tours are going strong with 4,850 fans on Facebook and Heritage Portfolio have almost 2,000 followers on Twitter and an email database that is now twice the size!

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