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Hashtags #what’sthefuss?

Are Hashtags Worth It?

Twitter gave birth to the hashtag. A little symbol # added to the beginning of a word or phrase that allows readers to group together tweets following a specific conversation or creating a conversation theme of their own.

By adding the # to the beginning of a word or phrase the user makes that word or phrase a clickable link. When you click on the link (or #hashtag) all of the tweets with that hashtag are filtered into your feed eliminating all other non related content. Make sense?

Well now they are everywhere! Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest!  A bit like L’oreal products I ask myself #aretheyworthit? See what I did there?

Here are some of the advantages of using a #hashtag in your marketing:

  • Because a #hashtag is a clickable link you can measure how far it travels (we love measuring return on investment) e.g. how many users accounts did the conversation reach? Try Tweetreach for free – type in any #hashtag, A few hours before #scotlandhour started pre event tweets had reached more than 55,000 user accounts!
  • They are free – you just make up a catchy phrase or choose a word (should be relevant to your brand or campaign content of course). Search for it in Twitter and if it’s not being used – use it!
  • A catchy #hashtag can drive an audience online to your promotion, campaign or content. Some great examples are #mybenandgerrys where consumers were encouraged to share their ideal ice-cream flavour. The #hashtag was used in TV advertising as well as digital which resulted in 6,800 new Twitter followers. Wonder how long it took them to come up with the phrase…? You can read the Ben and Gerry’s mouth watering case study here.
  • Because #hashtags are clickable links you can attract new followers who see them in their newsfeed being used by their friends or brands that they engage with. You just never know who you might meet?

Well if they are good enough for Dame Helen Mirren, they are good enough for us.

See you hanging out on #Scotlandhour or even #Techtourism sometime?  Because it is worth it!