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The Evolution of Search takes us Back to Basics

Just when we thought we had it licked, the world evolves again! If it’s not hardware (better, faster smart phones), it’s savvy consumers, a new social media platform or Google changes it’s algorithm.

Our recent workshop, Driving the Right Traffic to your Website, brought attendees up to date with the various ways and means consumers might find you on the web. Content included:

More interestingly though, is Tnooz’s article, What are the Online Sources of Hotel Bookings? TripAdvisor I hear you say…no Friends and Family!  Whilst this is not the only source, and SEO remains key, so does customer service. People are social by nature. They want something to talk about on social media and we love nothing more than boasting about great experiences. So behind all of this technology… the foundation making it work for you is great customer service! Seems somethings never change.

Got 4 minutes for a quick SEO recap and best practice techniques?  A fun video – it even has penguins in it!

The History of SEO! 

Enjoy!  You can download the SEO slides here.